COVID-19,Vaccine: Aspiring Contenders: Here are few.

COVID-19, Vaccine: Aspiring Contenders: Here are few…The World Health Organisation has also identified the top 8 to 9 contenders for the vaccine. Covid-19 continues to claim more lives every day, across the world.
At the same time, scientists and medical researchers are working tirelessly to develop treatments and the vaccine for this highly infectious virus disease.
Director WHO -General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus elaborated it.
1-Moderna Therapeutics UN.
Moderna Inc.will conduct a phase -2 trial on 600 healthy volunteers. This kickstarts the body’s immune system.
2-Novavax vaccine
This company will move on to the human trials on 130 volunteers from Australia.
3-Johnson &Johnson vaccine- Expecting the first batch of the vaccine will be available for emergency use by early 2021.
4-Cansino Biologics
5-Sinovac Biotech, Beijing based…
4th and 5thboth Chinese companies to work on the vaccine.
6-Sanofi vaccine(French)
7-Pfizer and BNTECH vaccine.
8-University of Oxford, UK
Trials on humans already began in late April.

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