Sagar’s Refused Proposal of Running Ramayan on BBC

Here’s Why- Ramayana, countless reviews and discussions have followed on why the televised epic worked then and did so once again over three decays later. It was unbelievable how people responded to it, It set new records globally.

Prem Sagar, son of the famous director Ramananda Sagar believes firmly that it is a divine phenomenon, mindboggling it is.

BBC also asked for the rights of the telecast for the Asian population.
Sagars refused their proposal. He thinks foreign media is biased. It is his personal experience and opinion. It is more of a marketing gimmick for the world media.

In India, people have different respect.
Prem believes it is timeless. RAMAYANA teaches us fundamental truths. There is a lack of identification in today’s channels and media.

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